At Body Motion, we specialise in providing clients with clinical exercise sessions for a wide range of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions as well as safe and effective exercise through pregnancy and into postpartum.

What we offer:

  • Exercise assessment and prescription for clinical populations.
  • On-going programming and accountability to manage your condition
  • Lifestyle modification working on sleep, nutrition and movement habits
  • Nutrition Coaching ONLINE/IN PERSON
  • Online physical assessment, prescription, accountability

Who we help:

  • Musculoskeletal injury and disease (including Arthritis, Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, acute and/or chronic Musculoskeletal issues)
  • Neurological conditions (including Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Spinal injury/conditions)
  • Pregnancy/ Postpartum/ Pelvic Health
  • Fall’s prevention
  • Metabolic Syndrome (including Obesity, High BP and Cholesterol, Diabetes)
  • Oncology and Cardiovascular conditio



  • Tammy – Tweed Heads
    I have been a client of Hayleys for close to four years. During this time I have had two major plastic surgeries. Using her expertise Hayley has assessed my needs and developed training programs that have played a pivotal role in my pre and post surgical recovery. Hayley has enabled me to reach and maintain my strength and functional movement goals whilst working around the physical limitations experienced post surgery. I highly recommend Hayley and her exercise physiology services.
    Tammy – Tweed Heads
  • Sharon – Cobiki
    I have been seeing Hayley for many years now and I’m very happy with her training and level of assessment . As someone who has preexisting injuries and back issues I rely on someone who is professional, experienced  and has a high level of knowledge. I highly recommend working with Hayley.
    Sharon – Cobiki
  • Peta – Murwillumbah
    I needed motivation so I found Hayley. At first, poor Hayley had to crack through my resistance to training, that lasted about 2 months. Than my lack of discipline. She coached me on my WHY and my approach to nutrition. I was still resisting since I liked Calorie counting and wasting time in the details. I also needed my training mindset overhauled. I believed you needed to slave for hours to get results, she proved that wrong . So after constantly questioning Hayley and getting proven wrong, I had the biggest breakthrough. JUST DO THE PROGRAM!! Surrender to it. Once I did that I was able to see how far I had come in such a short amount of time. Hayley's patience and knowledge and motivational techniques were what got my out of my defeatist headspace and I was able to implement the tools and everyday I am winning. Thanks Hayley. Your Nutritional program and exercise expertise is above and beyond. I recommend Hayley to anyone struggling like I was.
    Peta – Murwillumbah
  • Ashleigh - Cobiki
    Hayley is awesome, she instantly makes you feel comfortable, is very set on meeting your specific goals, her workouts are always evolving and I love how family orientated she is.
    Ashleigh - Cobiki
  • Anita - Murwillumbah
    Hayley is a friendly, dynamic professional who gets results! In a short time with Hayley my weak left arm, (resultant from a brain injury) which had no function now does! Her professional touch, ability to think outside the box, eye for technique and details ensures you are getting the best possible results! I am so grateful Hayley was recommended to me. I highly recommend Hayley as an outstanding and highly professional Exercise Physiologist!
    Anita - Murwillumbah

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